ULTIMATE HOME DEFENSE – Provide protection to Your Dwelling Towards Dwelling Invasions
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We formally dwell in crazy cases – and it appears things are handiest going to gain even more crazy

The arena used to be no longer too lengthy previously on high nuclear alert, organized crime and scams are rampant,
empty shelves fetch became fashioned and residential invasions are going on in mountainous daylight

What took space to the trusty and simple existence we ancient to know?

After I was somewhat one, my Dad didn’t even lock the entrance door – day or evening. We conception nothing of it!

We had no idea how fortunate we fetch been to dwell in such tranquil cases.

The trusty frail days are formally over…

It is easy for all to stare that there’s been a wide style as of late in opposition to disrespect for the rule of thumb of legislation. Crimes are going on that
fetch been unthinkable support in the day.

There are moreover new dwelling security risks that by no manner ancient to exist:

ANYONE can launch researching you online and doubtlessly be taught
the build you dwell, how essential money you fetch, whereas you are going to be some distance flung from dwelling and the build your vulnerabilities are!

And additionally they’ve new, more extremely good damage-in tools now too.

It is seemingly you’ll likely moreover be being targeted and fetch NO idea what’s about to occur until BAM your door comes flying off, and in they arrive with machetes

But you are going to be ready to conclude them IN THEIR TRACKS – if how.

One amongst your most VITAL priorities is to produce your non-public dwelling as accurate as it’s some distance going to likely be for you and your loved ones.
Enact NOT toddle away this to likelihood – severely! It is an absolute MUST to protect the frightful guys out and severely set up them off even pondering about making an are trying to design conclude what’s no longer theirs to design conclude
– or worse, making an are trying to damage you or your loved ones.

I need my chums and readers to prevent pleasant. So I created an excellent new 145-online page e book on dwelling security:


ultimate home defense

I even fetch poured in EVERYTHING I even fetch discovered over decades of survival and preparedness practicing and being a “security obsessed homeowner”
in more than one nation, in each and each urban and geographical region environments. It is doubtlessly existence-saving files and I produce no longer mediate there’s the rest esteem it.
You admire my work – and I mediate right here is the BEST survival tutorial I even fetch ever written:

“Ten Layers Of Dwelling Protection??” Nope, no longer ample!

Preppers and security experts discuss “The ten layers of dwelling defense” and whereas essential of this files (i.e. Canadian Prepper) is terribly trusty,
I produce no longer mediate it goes anyplace conclude to some distance ample and is now considerably out of date.

My machine is essential more total and has 25 well-conception-out layers, plus additional systems for
cases of siege and war!

Every of these 25 layers has its hang chapter in the e book – with tons of purposeful security guidelines and files! Investigate cross-check the record:

Right here Are My 25 Layers Of Dwelling Protection:

1: Salvage, Salvage, Salvage!

– indispensable guidelines on be taught how to design conclude a space to dwell that straight lowers your risk of a dwelling assault.

2: Invisibility, Decoy And Subversion

– ways to provide decided would-be attackers don’t even know you exist!

3: OpSec

– ANY security machine is handiest as trusty as the those who exhaust it! Monumental indispensable chapter.

4: Neighborhood / Native Intel

– the most attention-grabbing ways to gain your native other folks “to your facet” and work together successfully as a bunch to protect the frightful guys away.

5: Perimeter Fencing

– all kinds of perimeter fencing evaluated with execs, cons and set up guidelines.

6: Early Warning Methods

– including some excellent ones you can by no manner fetch conception of. These can present you an beautiful edge and doubtlessly place the day!

7: Signage

– the most attention-grabbing signs to warn off and dissuade capacity dwelling attackers, with links to the build to design conclude the signs online.

8: Gates / Driveways / Vehicle Assault Defenses

– several ways and insights to accurate your gates and prevent ALL access by undesired vehicles.

9: Bodily Impediments And Limitations

– the most attention-grabbing tips, plus the ones you ought to positively NOT exhaust (would motive wide concerns)!

10: Surveillance Cameras

– camera systems explored plus a ton of clever set up systems to dramatically give a lift to your machine’s effectiveness!

11: Security Personnel

– plus guidelines for maintaining take into story if the protection personnel “is you”.

12: Locks And Their Assault Vectors

– A form of component on selecting the most attention-grabbing locks – including which kinds of padlock are simplest against brute power assaults and
which lasted the longest against legit lockpicks in trusty assessments!

13: Exterior Doors

– in-depth portion with solutions for factual about each and each form of door assault you are going to be ready to think (and some you in all likelihood by no manner regarded as!)

14: Dwelling windows

– chunky document, including which window films ought to be avoided, plus excellent demonstrations of unprecedented security windows that motive chunky
sledgehammer blows to factual jump factual off, leaving rarely a brand!
Furthermore involves links to the very most attention-grabbing stage (UL 752 stage 8) ballistic-rated windows that are resistant to high powered rifle rounds.

15: Interior Doors

– more indispensable than other folks brand! Your interior doorways can in fact place your existence. Some astonishing systems in right here – besides as excellent security upgrades ranging the total manner from $5 to $10,000!

16: Key OpSec aka. “Keys In The Wild”

– a mountainous record of fundamental systems to provide decided your keys don’t topple into the frightful fingers, including some you in all likelihood by no manner conception of
(it’s some distance indispensable to know this, severely!!)

17: Canine

18: Safes And Vaults

– make the most attention-grabbing manner to guard a accurate from being damaged into?

19: “Quick Response” Protective Hardware

– the most attention-grabbing materials and tools to fetch readily on hand for snappy emergency dwelling repairs in a “divulge of affairs”.

20: You: Self Protection / Your Combating Skill / Shut Fight Abilities

21: To find Rooms aka. Dread Rooms

– including each and each low-price range dwelling-made setups and high-ticket personalized installs.

INTERLUDE: SHTF / Lawless Zone / War Zone Security Methods

– deep insights that will in fact gain survivalists pondering!

22: Secret Rooms / Secret Passages / Concealed Escapes / Poke Holes

– I doubt you are going to look this detailed files in completely different dwelling security guides! I’ve got you covered.

23: Non-public Bunkers

– make you would favor your hang bunker? Execs and cons, plus indispensable guidelines on getting it done factual.

24: Elite / High Security Bunkers and “Bunker Networks”

You in all likelihood may perhaps likely moreover no longer need this chapter unless it’s seemingly you’ll likely likely moreover be an “ultra high salvage price particular person” – nonetheless this may perhaps occasionally show you one of many best ways deep the rabbit hole in fact goes…

25: Rehearse & Pen Take a look at!

– be taught how to take a look at your defense systems and be particular it’s seemingly you’ll likely likely moreover be PREPARED for the rest!

It is seemingly you’ll likely moreover look that this e book goes DEEP! But it definitely’s thoroughly organized and obvious. There are tips right here that it’s seemingly you’ll likely likely moreover no longer look in
completely different security guides and that’s trusty attributable to that is the stuff that can present you an accurate edge.

They may perhaps moreover no longer demand this…

Download ULTIMATE HOME DEFENSE Reliable Now And Take Circulation To Provide protection to Your Dwelling:

I’ve incorporated each and each damaged-down and unconventional ways, high tech and low tech tools, high price range and low price range solutions!
I’ve linked to the most attention-grabbing security tools I could perhaps likely moreover salvage (the least bit ticket parts) and linked to a wide sequence of videos the build locks, windows and doorways
are examined to the restrict so that you just are going to be ready to in fact look what works!

60 Day Full Guarantee:

bad man

I will no longer bear in mind you can need to – nonetheless in the occasion you do no longer admire it you are going to be ready to gain a no-bother refund in chunky within 60 days.

Upon lift you are going to straight receive a link to roar download of your 145-online page e-e book.
There will not be any longer any up-promote or completely different hoops you would favor soar through. You gain the chunky direction.
Product is in PDF epic format that will be read by Adobe Acrobat, Apple “Preview” and more.
Right here’s a one-time handiest price with nothing habitual. No “rebill” divulge of affairs. No systems. No “upsell”.
Your funding is moreover covered by the excellent 60-day no-quibble guarantee of my excellent online retailer (Clickbank).

Within the occasion you do no longer gain unprecedented, doubtlessly lifesaving price from this handbook, you are going to be ready to gain a chunky refund. Gross and simple.

About Me:

You understand me as the “anonymous” proprietor of two web sites on survivalism – Off Grid and My Family Survival Opinion.

I’m a “high IQ particular person” and unconventional out-of-the-box thinker who has studied security in depth (among many lots of topics).

I’ve moreover studied medieval defense ways and I flee a web based build on castles; these ancient buildings, interestingly, had many security
systems and defensive systems that we will light be taught a mountainous deal from in the 21st century!

After I was somewhat one, I was a top-flight academic scholar – and used to be entered in a Nationwide mathematics competition on the age of 14.
I stopped up settling on being an self reliant legit researcher / writer and fetch been developing tutorial web sites for virtually about 20 years.

I’ve moreover had a in fact unfamiliar and adventurous existence that has taught me a mountainous deal…

I’ve experienced some notoriously sketchy locations through the years: Oakland and Richmond (California), Brixton (London) support in the day
(including getting robbed at 4am on a support street in the 90’s – that used to be furry!), St. Pauls (Bristol, UK), Tenderloin & Decrease Haight
(San Francisco – I was once standing no longer as a lot as 20 yards some distance flung from a lethal shooting in the Tenderloin), Downtown LA, Detroit and Chicago… and
once taking what I conception used to be a transient decrease (mountainous mistake) that resulted in by likelihood getting lost in
the deep redwood forests of Humboldt County – the build the road signs fetch bullet holes in them, the weed growers are paranoid
and utilizing down the frightful dirt street may perhaps likely moreover gain you into mountainous anguish.

I’ve moreover had the disaster to need to home stalkers of the awful form on more than one occasion (Proper ones. These instances
pushed me to gain very severe about dwelling defense – I had no substitute!)

Furthermore in my 20’s I was once held up in a in fact original incident that “came out of nowhere” on a steady summer day
– by a deranged man I had by no manner considered sooner than in my existence, who used to be wielding a 4×2 and used to be convinced that I had robbed him (I for certain hadn’t).

That crazy, surreal incident decided used to be a lesson in maintaining a fab head… nonetheless it definitely moreover taught me that
in fact the rest can occur to anybody, anyplace, at any time.

Please be aware that.

Anything else can occur to anybody, anyplace, at any time!

Provide protection to your non-public dwelling and don’t let it occur to you:

Cybercrime And Proper Life Crime Are Interconnected:

bad man

Right here is in fact indispensable to brand: Many of us make no longer brand that assaults to your non-public dwelling now in most cases launch with online examine.

That you simply may perhaps well be amazed at what other folks can salvage out about you from files you post willingly!
Some Londoners fetch now completely deleted their Instagram accounts thanks to VERY REAL security concerns – that’s how frightful it has gotten!

You are at risk. And you are going to moreover be being targeted without even shining.

My e book covers indispensable steps to design conclude and new habits to undertake that will produce it some distance more complicated for anybody to originate
digging up your files online.

Receive this seemed after asap!

Provide protection to Your Dwelling And Your Cherished Ones Now!

Health, wealth, relationships and security are, on the total speaking, our most urgent concerns in existence.
They’re the foundations on which a tickled existence is constructed. Within the occasion you fetch all of these items, you are in trusty form.

I hope you are going to salvage essential right here that will stage up your “security mindset”, abilities, tools and show you one of many best ways to prevent pleasant.
Let’s toddle!


Do You Recognize These 4 Home Security Massive Fails

Graphic © myfamilysurvivalplan.com / off-grid.files. Photograph – Unsplash (PD)

1) This hasp is mountainous skinny, NOT hardened, and can EASILY be snipped birth with a pocket-sized handheld mini coast cutter in about two seconds (or a $6 junior hacksaw in below a minute!)
SOLUTION: Upgrade to a double-thickness hardened hasp equivalent to this one.

2) Latch is held on with classic screws – may perhaps likely moreover be taken off silently in a pair of seconds with a Philips screwdriver. MEGA fail!
SOLUTION: Exercise stainless-steel carriage bolts esteem these ones (dome top) on the out of doorways, double locking nuts on the internal, ideally with a steel plate on the internal to provide drilling more animated – or fit a heavy obligation hardened hasp equivalent to this one which covers the bolts when closed.

3) This padlock is frail, cheap and is “birth shackle” – which permits easy insertion of a steel rod, undergo claw or crowbar. One trusty lever with one of many above and it’s off. It may perhaps well likely moreover moreover doubtlessly be popped with a hammer and chilly chisel in a single trusty strike. Totally ineffective. SOLUTION: A heavy obligation, top advantageous closed shackle padlock equivalent to this one will produce it essential, essential more durable to rupture in.

4) Latch is held on with a classic nut on the out of doorways – ridiculously easy to undo!
SOLUTION: Salvage the coast the most attention-grabbing manner spherical so as that the nut is on the internal!! (and exhaust a domed top coach coast or covered hasp, as above).

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